Founded in 1990, ABZ Healthcare group today has a presence in the fields of Medical and Surgical Device Manufacturing, with a global presence among surgeons, anesthesiologists & other specialists. At ABZ Group, we take pride in delivering quality consistently over 28 years and growing on the trust and goodwill of our customers. Focusing on the future, we are expanding rapidly into newer products and geographies, and are slated to be amongst the fastest growing homegrown companies in the country. ABZ group has been a significant player in medical disposables and devices, offering a range of over 100 products, and catering to the needs of medical fraternity for over 28 years.


At ABZ Group, Quality assurance is at the heart of how we do things. Our
comprehensive Quality Management System ensures exhaustive checks and testing at all stages in the production cycle, right from raw material procurement till packing of the finished products. And our state-of-the-art
manufacturing facilities meet the strictest international compliances and requirements.


At ABZ group, we have set stringent hygiene and environment-friendly standards.
Walls and flooring are epoxy coated to minimize bio load and Special HEPA/micro filters are provided at all handling equipment to minimize contamination in the manufacturing areas.


In line with our vision of Innovating for Tomorrow, there is immense focus internally on Research and Development. A modern laboratory equipped with pilot plant facilities works constantly on improving existing products and developing new innovative products for the portfolio.


ABZ group’s vision spans across geographies, catering to domestic as well as international markets. With operations in Latin America, Africa and South – East Asia, the group is fast expanding globally.